I am so glad you decided to stop by! A little bit about me… I am Amber, married to Stiles and we have two children, Addison and Calvin. I am considered a Stay-at-home-mom, but if you talk to most SAHM’s you know that this means they have several little jobs here and there. I am a homeschool mom, a Kids Church Coordinator, a beauty vlogger, an at-home business owner doing invitations and flowers, but before all of this I am a redeemed Child of God, blessed wife and thankful mother.


Marriage and Family

Pirate Costume: Take 2

I thought of several different titles for this blog; “Maybe one day I will have it all together”, “Hey guys, I’ve lost my mind” or even “And best costume award goes to… the only kid who is dressed up.” … (continue reading)


Be the Mom that gets in the pool

I am constantly being shaped into the Mother that I believe the Lord has called me to be. Just this past week, my husband and I were standing in line with our kids so that they could get their faces painted…(continue reading)


Cleaning your make-up brushes

Hey everyone! Yesterday I posted a video that shows a simple way to clean your makeup brushes. This process is really easy but it can be time-consuming, but I cannot stress enough, the importance of keeping your brushes clean… (continue reading)